Losmandy GM-8 German Equatorial Mount

I purchased my Losmandy GM-8 mount in 1997 in preparation for the Total Solar Eclipse of 1998. After my positive experience with the Losmandy G-11 mount, I wanted the smaller, lighter version for international travel. I've also used the GM-8 in South Africa and Bolivia. Of course, that was back when you could check two 70-pound bags on all the major airlines. With the current 50-pound limit per bag, it's no longer possible to take the GM-8 on international trips without paying an excess baggage fee.

The GM-8 is a solid, portable German equatorial mount that can easily carry a 30-pound load. With its folding tripod, it is perfect for car trips. The periodic error of the GM-8 Worm Gear typically about 20 arc-seconds peak-to-peak over an 8 minute cycle. This is quite good for a portable mount.

New versions of the GM-8 are also available with GOTO options, but the original model serves me well and is great for car trips.

Losmandy GM-8 German Equatorial Mount

The table below contains the techical specifications on the Losmandy GM-8. For more information, see the Losmandy web site.

R.A. Gear Wheel: 2.8", 180 tooth 7075 T35 aluminum
DEC. Gear Wheel: 2.8", 180 tooth 7075 T35 aluminum
DEC. and R.A. Worm gear: 440C Stainless (54 Rockwell hardness)
Worm gear support: Dual supported ball bearings
Worm gear coupling: Oldham
Laser Engraved Setting Circles: Porter Slip Ring design, 3.5" DEC. and R.A.,
Right ascension resolution: 6-minute increments, pointer
Declination circle resolution: 2 degree increments, pointer
R.A. Axis Thrust Bearings: one 2.1", one 2"; two 1.5" needle
DEC. Axis Needle Thrust Bearings: one 2.1", one 2"; two 1.5" needle
DEC. and R.A. Clutches: Slip clutch, variable friction, one knob ea. axis
Latitude Tangent Arm range: 0-64 degrees with polar scope, lower latitude wedge available
Azimuth adjustment range: +-8.5 degrees
Dovetail Saddle Plate: Optional "C" or "D" Series
Weight of Mount Head Approximately 17 lbs.
Weight of Field Tripod Approximately 15 lbs.
Semi-Pier Tripod Height 36" to 48"
Load Capacity: Approximately 30 lbs.

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